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How to Choose the Right Partner for Fuel Cell Manufacturing

CNC machining is the process of removing material from a raw block of metal or plastic. It’s best described as subtraction manufacturing. Starting with a solid piece of material the tools remove layers until the desired shape and dimensions are approved. Compared to 3D printing which is an additive process, building a part or component in layers from a 3D printer.

In manufacturing facility, manufacturing technologist can work with just about any material, such as wood, copper, steel, foam, and polypropylene. The difference being what the machine shop works with on a regular basis. Let’s say a machine shop which works mainly with metal and plastics will not take on a wood project and they shouldn’t.

Can you guess what exactly happens in a CNC shop? As it turns out, a lot happens. From start to finish, the process is intricate and impressive.

Being a machinist is in fact not a simple task. It requires not only knowledge of the tools, but the skills needed to perform the job properly and efficiently.