Sub Assemblies

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Manage Sub-Assemblies with CIMtech Mfg. Expertise

We are equipped with the experience, people and equipment to do assembly work We have two decades of experience supplying sub-assembled units to wide variety of Hi-Tech industries. 

  • Turn-key management of complex mechanical assemblies.
  • We use lean concepts such as KANBAN for assembly work.
  • We can coordinate a full supply chain efficiently with contract manufacturers. Because the assembled components are often mating with CNC machined parts that we manufacture, we have better control of part fit and assembly function.
  • We can easily use our extensive manufacturing resources to correct design errors and keep the product flowing smoothly.

sub assemblies


We also provide Sub-Assembly services which can customized to match the exact needs of our customers. We handle small, large, long-term and specialty volume orders equally as well. Our assembly services incorporate consultation, design, tooling, control, sub-assembly, packaging, and shipping.

By involving us for turn key services to Machine & assemble your parts into sub-assemblies. It will make much easier for you to handle and track your end products. By utilizing our services to provide complete sub-assemblies, allows your company to save time and money by lowering inventory costs & eliminating handling of small parts.

From simple two-part construction to complex sub assembled units, we can accommodate various types of projects. Our experienced team will assemble your parts quickly and effectively, allowing you to focus on what’s important – your day-to-day business needs.

sub assemblies

CIMtech Mfg. is one of the most technologically advanced machining supplier. They will always go the extra mile to meet our specific deadlines.

Daniel, Sr. Procurement Agent at Automotive Company