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Production CNC Machining – Your Manufacturing Partner

CIMtech Mfg. has dedicated CNC Manufacturing facilities to serve your needs. We have more than 30 CNC machines in three facilities.

  1. Significant capacity allows us to take on the large projects.
  2. CNC equipment dedicated for production machining is still the largest part of our business.
  3. Hi-Tech CNC equipment with Hi-speed machining options allows us to machine parts cost effectively.
  4. CIMTech Mfg. facilities are fully managed by ProShop ERP Software for consistent workflow from order to delivery.

Delivering high precision parts with (CNC) Computer Numerical Control Machining is one of our key capabilities. Our highly skilled team of CNC Prototype Machinists, Manufacturing Engineers and CNC Operators can deliver your parts with high quality and on time delivery.

At CIMTech Mfg. Inc., we utilize several types of CNC machining equipment to efficiently produce accurate high-precision parts. Our unmatched precision ultimately yields significant cost savings for our clients, eliminating costs associated with multiple suppliers for our customers.


CNC Machining Capabilities

5-axis CNC milling – CNC milling involves the use of a multitude of different rotating cutting tools to perform milling, sawing, and drilling functions. With CNC milling, the cutter has the ability to move along different axes – in our case, five axes – allowing it to make different shapes, slots, or holes. CNC comes into play through the use of programming software, employed to cut complex designs. CNC milling can be extremely useful in executing complicated designs that manual cutting or drilling could not achieve with the same level of precision.

CNC turning with live tooling – CNC turning involves the placement of bars of metal or other materials into a collet, while a rotating tool shapes the bars. CNC software programs the movements of the tool removing the material to shape the bar, ensuring clean, accurate results.

Industries Benefitting from CNC

CNC Machined Metal Parts are used by automotive, aerospace, medical, and defense industries who require the highest level of precision. CNC machining offers the required level of accuracy, producing high volumes of identical, high-quality parts. We also provide stringent quality control checks to ensure that every product meets each customer’s strictest requirements.

Virtually all manufacturing industries benefit from CNC production techniques to create accurate parts to yield ideal results during the production process. Using high-level technology, we can create tooling for your production runs that can achieve tight tolerances and easily produce high-volume runs.

We use the latest software and machinery to ensure the most efficient and affordable machining process. Our custom designed, quick change work holding arrangements allow us to utilize our high-speed machines to their fullest. This allows us to reduce spindle down time and pass the savings on to you, our customer, through the part price. Our approach to CNC Production allows us to provide a high level of service and quality, while maintaining our price competitiveness.


CIMtech Mfg. is one of the most technologically advanced machining supplier. They will always go the extra mile to meet our specific deadlines.

Daniel, Sr. Procurement Agent at Hi-Tech Electronics Company