Sheet Metal Fabrication

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Sheet Metal Fabrication – From Concept to Production

At CIMTech Mfg., we offer comprehensive Sheet Metal Fabrication services, covering the entire spectrum from Prototyping to full-scale Production. Our client base spans a wide array of industries, including Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Consumer Products, Healthcare, Automotive, Education, Hi-Tech Electronics, Robotics, and Industrial sectors. We are equipped to oversee Custom Fabrication needs, guiding you seamlessly from the Proof-of-Concept stage to Full Production. Our experienced engineers excel at designing and manufacturing various components, such as Sheet Metal chassis, brackets, instrument panels, tooling, and customfabricated units.

Our in-house manufacturing design team collaborates with you to optimize sheet metal parts. Clients trust our expertise to enhance their conceptual designs and Proof of Concept Prototypes. Our manufacturing capabilities accommodate diverse requirements, from one-of-a-kind Prototypes to large-scale Production.

Leveraging our knowledge and experience, we actively support the design process. We evaluate your designs and drawings to propose the Best Manufacturing Methods for your Sheet Metal Parts. When designing fabrication components, we consider factors such as the nature of your end products, applications, and their fit in the final assembly. We offer multiple iterations for testing design ideas before finalizing parts for Production.

We work in partnership with you, aiming to transform your ideas and designs into tangible reality. Recognizing that our role involves providing "extensive knowledge" and years of experience to reduce manufacturing costs, we aim to establish long-term customer relationships. Our commitment to superior customer service is unwavering, and we offer innovative ideas that surpass your initial expectations.

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Sheet Metal Parts - Expertise and Precision Sheet metal parts play a ubiquitous role across industries, and our expertise allows us to efficiently produce enclosures, brackets, assemblies, weldments, cabinets, housings, and other sheet metal components, including prototypes. Our facilities manage low to high-volume production work.

The Sheet Metal Process Our sheet metal process encompasses various techniques for shaping and manipulating metal sheets. We employ state-of-the-art equipment for bending, laser cutting, punching, welding, and other processes essential for manufacturing Sheet Metal Parts.

Swift Turnaround Our streamlined metal stamping design and manufacturing processes, backed by over two decades of expertise, deliver significant cost savings with rapid turnaround times.

Additional Capabilities

  1. Waterjet Cutting: Our Waterjet cutting technology excels at cutting intricate designs into flat materials. The highly pressurized water stream can cut through a wide range of materials, and our equipment ensures accuracy and efficiency.
  2. Laser Cutting: Specializing in custom projects, prototyping, and short to medium run jobs, our Laser Cutting expertise covers a variety of materials, including metals and acrylic.
  3. Metal Stamping: We offer expert design and development services for a range of components, from small to large parts, and facilitate high-volume orders. Metal stamping transforms flat metal sheets into specific shapes and is widely used in industries like automotive, aerospace, and medical. We provide secondary processes such as plating, heat-treating, powder coating, and stress relieving, all while maintaining ISO 9100 certified quality control processes.

Stamping Basics Stamping, also known as pressing, involves the placement of flat sheet metal into a stamping press. Techniques like punching, blanking, bending, coining, embossing, and flanging shape the metal. Design engineers utilize CAD/CAM Software to create precise stamping tooling and punches. Stamping die design can be complex, and tool die manufacturing involves various machining, grinding, wire EDM, and other services.

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