Die Casting

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Injection Molding – Extrusion – Die Casting – Forging Services

Die Casting

Injection Molding: CIMtechMfg.can supply top-quality injection molding tooling for proof of concept to production requirements. Our injection molding capabilities includes insert molding, undercuts, internal and external threads.

With our quality certifications including outstanding quality management systems, we comply to most stringent customer and industry specifications. These applications include customers in Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Consumer Products, Healthcare, Automotive, Education, Hi-Tech Electronics, Robotics & Industrial sectors.

Extrusions: We utilize different manufacturing processes for aluminum extrusion fabrication to achieve accurate finished parts. Fabrication process specifications are considered to achieve optimal results. Our expertise in extrusion technologies can create parts from prototype to production in large quantities. Our Computer Controlled Equipment, can handle aluminum extrusions for diverse range of industries.

Aluminum Die Casting: Die Casting process creates lighter parts with excellent surface finish. Aluminum Die-Casted parts can withstand the higher temperatures. Die-Casted aluminum parts are used in many industries such as Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Consumer Products, Healthcare, Automotive, Education, Hi-Tech Electronics, Robotics & Industrial products. Our customers trust our capabilities to produce versatile, range of die-casted parts. Aluminum die-casted parts are corrosion resistant and retains high dimensional stability. We can produce thin walled Die-Castings which can be used in any industry.

Aluminum Die Casting Applications:

Aluminum castings are heavily used in automotive, fuel cell, medical, consumer products and Hi-Tech electronics industries. Die-Casted parts can contribute to significant weight saving in your end products.

Aluminum is widely used for die-casting process to manufacture in telecom and computing for such application as boxes, housings and heat sinks.

Aluminum’s alloy has excellent shielding properties, even in high-temperature applications.

Forging Services: We provide services through our global partners in South Asia will manufacture top-quality forged parts. We have produced top-quality forgings for more than two decades. Our engineering and manufacturing team is dedicated to the production of high-quality, open and closed die, steel forgings. We have long-standing reputation for fast, reliable service and exceptional quality since 2000.