Zero Inventory Program

Author: CIMtech Green Energy |

Design for Manufacturing Vancouver

Zero inventory can be described as a business strategy in which a company strives to maintain as little inventory as possible. The practical effect is that new orders need to be filled just as new products are created or stocked. With a zero-inventory strategy, items aren't accumulating and sitting around in a warehouse.

Zero inventory is an approach to inventory management, and broadly speaking, a supply chain strategy aimed at maintaining as little inventory as possible without hindering other business objectives, such as meeting shipping times. While the strategy is called "zero inventory,”, companies often end up keeping some level of supplies and product on hand for reasons discussed further below.

CIMtech zero inventory program will significantly help customer with following benefits:

  • Balance out fluctuating demand over 6-month period.
  • Eliminate NRE cost on repeat low quantity orders.
  • CIMtech will ship repeat parts with short delivery notice.
  • PO issued with any quantity without NRE cost.
  • 6-month inventory stock at CIMtech as per forecast.