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Prototype Development

At CIMTech Manufacturing, we excel in rapid Prototype Development. Our skilled prototyping machinists and tool makers specialize in delivering high-precision projects in just two weeks or less. With a collective experience spanning over 100 years in product development, CIMtech's capabilities are your go-to solution for all your Prototyping needs, covering the entire journey from concept to completion. We work with a wide range of materials, including fabrication and sub-assemblies.

Prototype Development

Cutting-Edge Machining: As a forward-thinking Machine Shop, we can machine your Prototypes directly from solid models, eliminating the need for intricate drawings or step models.

Continuous Improvement: Our in-house engineers and machinists are committed to continually evaluating your manufacturing designs and tolerances. We offer a unique feedback program that sets us apart, helping you reduce manufacturing costs.

Precision Collaboration: By collaborating closely with our clients, we promptly and efficiently identify any dimensional errors or inconsistencies by thoroughly reviewing tolerances. This approach brings you closer to achieving production readiness.

Comprehensive Services: CIMTech provides a complete start-to-finish turnaround on your parts. Our services include secondary processes such as Anodizing, Zinc Plating, Black Oxide, Powder Coating, Painting, and Penetrant Inspection.

  • Prototype Development

    Testing prototype

  • Prototype Development

    Prototyping Bike Share

  • Prototype Development

    Prototype from Solid block

  • Prototype Development

    Jigs & Fixtures

  • Prototype Development

    Stainless Steel

  • Prototype Development

    Plastic Prototyping

  • Prototype Development

    Assorted Prototypes

  • Prototype Development

    Stator Prototype (Finishes)

Choose CIMTech for rapid Prototyping and a seamless journey from concept to production-ready parts.

Production CNC Machining – Your Manufacturing Partner

At CIMTech Green, we operate dedicated CNC Manufacturing Facilities to meet your production needs, housing more than 30 CNC Machines across three facilities.

Key Points:

  1. Our significant capacity allows us to tackle large-scale projects.
  2. CNC machining remains the core of our operations.
  3. We employ cutting-edge CNC equipment with high-speed machining capabilities for cost-effective production.
  4. CIMTech Green utilizes ERP Software, ProShop, to efficiently manage our facilities, ensuring a seamless workflow from order placement to delivery.

Precision in CNC Machining: Our forte lies in delivering high-precision parts through Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining. Our team of highly skilled CNC Prototype Machinists, Manufacturing Engineers, and CNC Operators provides you with top-quality parts, always delivered on schedule.

At CIMTech Green, Inc., we leverage several types of CNC machining equipment to manufacture precise, high-quality parts efficiently. Our unparalleled precision translates into substantial cost savings for our clients, eliminating the need for multiple suppliers.


CNC Machining Capabilities

  1. 5-axis CNC milling empowers us to utilize a range of rotating cutting tools for milling, sawing, and drilling tasks. This technology allows us to work on different axes, making it possible to create intricate shapes, slots, or holes. CNC milling relies on programming software to cut complex designs, making it invaluable for executing intricate designs that manual methods cannot achieve with the same level of accuracy.

Live Tooling in CNC Turning:

Our CNC turning with live tooling involves inserting metal bars or other materials into a collet while a rotating tool shapes the bars. CNC software meticulously controls the tool's movements, ensuring precise and clean results.

Industries Benefitting from CNC:

Industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical, and defense, which demand the utmost precision, rely on CNC machining for accurate, high-quality parts. We subject every product to stringent quality control checks to meet each customer's exacting requirements.

Universal Applicability of CNC:

CNC production techniques benefit all manufacturing industries, enabling the creation of accurate parts that perform flawlessly in the production process. Our advanced technology allows us to produce tooling for your production runs that meet tight tolerances and manage high-volume production seamlessly.

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness:

We harness the latest software and machinery to ensure an efficient and cost-effective machining process. Our custom-designed, quick-change work holding setups maximize the utilization of our high-speed machines, minimizing spindle downtime and passing on the resulting savings to you, our valued customer, through competitive part pricing. Our approach to CNC Production guarantees top-tier service and quality while maintaining affordability.


Efficient Sub-Assembly Management with CIMTech Manufacturing

  • CIMTech Manufacturing brings a wealth of experience, skilled personnel, and innovative equipment to handle assembly work. With a remarkable track record spanning two decades, we have been a trusted supplier of sub-assembled units to a diverse range of high-tech industries.
  • Our capabilities extend to comprehensive management of complex mechanical assemblies. We apply lean methodologies like KANBAN to optimize our assembly processes. This enables us to efficiently oversee the complete supply chain in collaboration with contract manufacturers. Since these assembled components often integrate seamlessly with CNC machined parts that we produce, we maintain precise control over part fit and assembly functionality
  • Our extensive manufacturing resources allow us to swiftly rectify design errors, ensuring a seamless product flow.

sub assemblies

Assembly and Sub-Assembly Services

  • CIMTech Green provides tailored Sub-Assembly services designed to meet the unique requirements of our clients. We adeptly handle small, large, long-term, and specialty volume orders with equal competence. Our comprehensive assembly services encompass consultation, design, tooling, rigorous quality control, sub-assembly, meticulous packaging, and efficient shipping.
  • When you entrust us with turnkey services to machine and assemble your parts into sub-assemblies, you simplify the process of managing and tracking your end products. Leveraging our services for complete sub-assemblies streamlines your operations, reduces inventory costs, and eliminates the hassle of handling small parts.
  • Whether your project involves simple two-part constructions or complex sub-assembled units, we possess the versatility to accommodate various types of projects. Our experienced team excels at rapidly and effectively assembling your parts, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - your day-to-day business needs.

sub assemblies

DFM Services

DFM (Design for Manufacturing) Services - Elevate Your Manufacturing Efficiency

  • At CIMTech Mfg., we specialize in DFM services to help you reduce manufacturing costs for your projects. Whether you are a visionary entrepreneur with groundbreaking concepts or a Fortune 500 corporation managing a substantial engineering team, our innovation can contribute to your product's success.
  • CIMTech Mfg. boasts a team of seasoned manufacturing experts. Our highly skilled machinists and toolmakers possess years of hands-on experience, aiding our clients in cost-effective machining of intricate mechanical parts and assemblies. Often, we can provide superior solutions compared to our clients.
  • Our services yield numerous benefits, including:
    • efficient manufacturing designs
    • shortened product development cycles.
    • improved product performance
    • reduced unit costs
    • simplified manufacturability
    • consistent quality,
    • enhanced market competitiveness.

Utilize Our Machining and Engineering Expertise

  • Leveraging our years of machining and engineering support, our manufacturing experts are ready to assist with your machining projects. When you collaborate with CIMTech, our clients can take advantage of our complimentary manufacturing design feedback, helping reduce costs on their CNC Machined Parts.
  • Whether your project is straightforward or involves complex sub-assemblies, CIMtech's in-house resources and expertise ensure timely completion with exceptional quality every time. Our machining experts use the latest CAD CAM software. Once the manufacturing design feedback is approved, we seamlessly transition to in-house production. Our stateof-the-art Hi-Tech manufacturing facilities deliver your parts or sub-assembled units, complete with all documentation.
  • Our services include.
    • improvements in manufacturability and functionality
    • manufacturing feedback
    • reverse engineering
    • prototyping
    • CNC Machining with precision engineering solutions to tackle your most demanding manufacturing challenges.

Advanced CNC Machining by Expert Professionals

  • Our team of Manufacturing Experts, Journeymen CNC Machinists, Tool Makers, and Certified Quality/GD&T Technicians provides precision CNC services to address your most complex manufacturing needs. We employ cutting-edge engineering technologies to meet your CNC machining requirements.
  • During the quoting process, when necessary, we utilize SolidWorks for modeling and Mastercam for virtual machining of your parts, ensuring the most accurate assessment of cost and manufacturability.
  • Before a part enters our manufacturing facilities and machine shop floor, we run intricate part programs through Verification Software to eliminate any chance of programming or posting errors.
  • Throughout the CNC machining process, we employ Renishaw probing systems to guarantee precision from the very beginning. At each step, we handle your parts with the utmost care, treating them as if they were our own.

Comprehensive Turnkey Services

  • We offer complete turnkey services, encompassing all secondary processes such as welding, bending, casting, plating, powder coating, forging, laser cutting, engraving, anodizing, and painting.
  • CIMTech Green's Hi-Tech Manufacturing facility provides a versatile platform for all your work, from single prototypes to intricate, high-precision sub-assemblies.

Quality Gas Welding, Metal Work, Casting, Forgings, Laser Cutting & Etching, and More

  • Our services include MIG, TIG, arc & gas welding, ensuring professional and reliable welding for a wide range of materials, including steels, alloys, brass, and copper.
  • We also provide top-quality metal bending and cutting services, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment for excellent results.
  • Our presswork capabilities encompass cropping, punching, and forming, with a wide range of press tooling at our disposal.
  • For metal casting and forging, including steel, aluminum, and bronze, we maintain the highest standards with top-of-the-line machinery.
  • Laser cutting and etching can be applied to steel, aluminum, and bronze, ensuring proper identification of your products within your equipment.

DFM services

CNC Milling Design Guide - Tips for Optimal Manufacturing

  • When designing parts for CNC milling, consider incorporating corner pocket radii that are 10% larger than the typical end mill diameter. Increasing the corner radius by 0.20 or 0.30 compared to the end mill size reduces the surface area in contact with the milling tool. If feasible, avoid deep milling into a shoulder.

CNC Milling Guide

For instance, if using a 1.2-inch end mill, design a corner radius that is 10% larger

  • Expanding the corner diameter minimizes the surface area of the end mill in contact with the part, effectively preventing chatter and preserving a high-quality surface finish on the part.
  • To optimize cost and availability, strive to design parts that can accommodate standard inch-size tooling.

CNC Milling Guide

  • Minimize end mill chatter by designing parts that enhance rigidity. Deeper pocket walls increase the likelihood of CNC milling end mill chatter.
  • For mating parts with sharp corners, consider cutting away the inside corners of the pocket (see image below).

CNC Milling Guide

  • While extra-long end mills with cutting lengths up to 4 times the diameter are available, note that their cutting performance is notably slower, and tooling costs are higher.

CNC Milling Guide

Cost-Saving Strategies

Cost of Tolerances

CNC Milling Guide

  • To economize CNC milling processes, avoid multiple part setups.
  • Carefully review part tolerances and refrain from applying tight tolerances to every feature on the drawing, as this can raise part costs.
  • Consider producing a higher quantity of CNC machined parts to achieve cost savings per unit. This approach spreads setup and programming costs across a larger number of parts. Grouping similar parts for machining can also lead to savings on reprogramming and fixturing expenses.

CNC Turning Guide - Unveiling the Basics

  • CNC turning involves securing round material within a chuck. Multi-Axis CNC MillTurn Machining centers exhibit versatility in handling various shapes, sizes, and materials. CNC Turning centers are equipped with a turret that holds tooling, while Live Tooling Machines can perform supplementary operations like drilling, slotting, and milling.

CNC Turning Guide

CNC Turning Guide

Design Tips for CNC Turned Components

  • Crafting CNC turned parts demands meticulous design considerations. Here are some essential tips to optimize your CNC turning projects:
  1. Leverage Large Nose Radius Inserts: When designing parts for CNC turning, incorporate features that can accommodate large nose radius inserts.
  2. Minimize Tooling Complexity: Strive to reduce the number of tools required to machine your parts, streamlining the manufacturing process.
  3. Opt for Generous Inside Corner Radii: Design inside corners with the largest possible radius to enhance machining efficiency and precision.
  4. Consider Ample Corner Radii: Embrace larger corner radii in your designs to lower machining costs and achieve cost-effective production.

CNC Turning Guide

  • Adopting these design principles not only improves the manufacturability of your parts but also reduces the tooling complexity involved in machining them.

CNC Turning Guide

CNC Grinding: Elevating Precision with Advanced Technology

  • At CIMTech Mfg., we harness the capabilities of Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) grinding machines to elevate your machining processes. CNC grinding machines are vital for high-volume precision grinding. While conventional techniques like ID, OD, and surface precision grinding suffice for lower-quantity projects with multiple features, CNC precision grinding excels in recurring precision tasks demanding unparalleled, consistent, and repeatable accuracy. It is the ideal choice for intricate parts requiring contour grinding, angles, tapers, spheres, radii, and shutoffs. The digital precision of CNC grinding ensures a streamlined, repeatable, and identical production process every time.
  • To optimize surface quality and throughput in grinding applications, a CNC machine equipped with features designed for process optimization is paramount. Whether you are employing cylindrical grinding to refine turned workpieces, flat grinding to shape surfaces, or 5-axis grinding for tool production, a dedicated partner can significantly enhance productivity and deliver superior results through CNC technology.

CNC Grinding

Key Advantages of CNC Grinding:

  • Achieve remarkable results with CNC technology, delivering:
    • Enhanced accuracy and repeatability
    • Increased power
    • Expanded versatility.
    • Precise process control
  • Today's CNC grinding machines often incorporate automated loading facilities, enabling "unmanned operation" where only occasional checks are needed. Continuous presence at the CNC grinding machine during machining is no longer obligatory.
  • CNC grinders operate efficiently with high-pressure coolants within enclosed cabinets, ensuring rapid metal removal and maximum speed. This eliminates the risk of tool burning at high speeds. These machines offer users the flexibility to craft designs from blanks and make modifications, reducing tool inventory and reliance on suppliers.

Comprehensive Grinding Services: Our grinding services encompass:

  • Bar Grinding
  • Blanchard Grinding
  • Centerless Grinding
  • Cylindrical Grinding
  • Double Disc Grinding
  • Flat Lapping
  • Honing
  • Internal Grinding
  • Surface Grinding

Enhancing Efficiency in CNC Grinding:

  • To expedite grinding operations, specialized software measures pressure and noise during CNC grinding. It adjusts the grinding wheel's speed based on resistance, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Modern CNCs offer versatile machining modes to suit your specific application, balancing speed, and precision according to your needs.
  • Intelligent anti-collision software prevents collisions on multi-axis CNC grinding machines, safeguarding equipment, and reducing downtime.
  • Efficient tool management software monitors tool condition and facilitates rapid tool changes.
  • Advanced CNC functionality allows simultaneous grinding of multiple workpieces, optimizing production efficiency.
  • Seamless integration of robots or rotating chain loaders streamlines machine-tending tasks with flexibility and control.

Choose CIMTech Mfg. for precision CNC grinding, where innovative technology meets superior craftsmanship.