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Injection Molding, Extrusions, Die Casting, and Forging Services

Die Casting

Injection Molding: CIMTech delivers top-tier injection molding tooling, catering to proof-ofconcept through production requirements. Our capabilities encompass insert molding, undercuts, internal and external threads, all adhering to stringent quality standards. Industries served include Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Consumer Products, Healthcare, Automotive, Education, Hi-Tech Electronics, Robotics, and Industrial sectors.

Extrusions: We employ diverse manufacturing processes for precise aluminum extrusion fabrication. Fabrication specifications are fine-tuned to achieve optimal results. Our expertise in extrusion technologies spans from prototypes to large-scale production. Our computer-controlled equipment manages aluminum extrusions for various industries.

Aluminum Die Casting: Our die casting process yields lightweight parts with exceptional surface finishes. These aluminum die-casted parts excel in high-temperature environments and are corrosion-resistant, making them ideal for industries like Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Consumer Products, Healthcare, Automotive, Education, Hi-Tech Electronics, Robotics, and Industrial products. These versatile parts contribute to significant weight reduction in end products.

Aluminum Die Casting Applications: Aluminum castings find extensive use in automotive, fuel cell, medical, consumer products, and Hi-Tech electronics industries, offering weight-saving advantages. Telecom and computing sectors benefit from aluminum die-castings for applications like boxes, housings, and heat sinks. Aluminum alloys exhibit excellent shielding properties, even at elevated temperatures.

Forging Services: Our global partners in South Asia provide high-quality forged parts. With over two decades of experience, we specialize in open and closed die steel forgings. Our reputation for fast, reliable service and exceptional quality since 2000 sets us apart in the industry.


Extrusions: Our approach to aluminum extrusion fabrication involves a range of manufacturing processes tailored to produce precise, high-quality finished parts. Our meticulous consideration of fabrication process specifications ensures optimal outcomes. Leveraging our expertise in extrusion technologies, we have the capacity to craft parts across various industries, from prototype to high-volume production. Our computer-controlled equipment is adept at handling aluminum extrusions, serving a wide spectrum of industries.

3D Printing

3D Printing Process: The 3D printing process is a method that constructs parts based on digital solid models. These models are transformed into tangible objects by incrementally adding layers of plastic or metal material. This approach offers a rapid turnaround for creating proof-of concept prototypes.

We excel in producing functional prototypes and concept models with remarkable speed, ensuring delivery within a matter of days.