Delivery On-Time

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CIMtech is an ERP software-based company. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a type of software that helps businesses manage and streamline their operations. One of the key benefits of ERP is that it can help improve On-Time-Delivery rates. By integrating all aspects of the business, from manufacturing to accounting, ERP provides visibility into every stage of the process to CIMtech. This makes it easier for CIMtech to identify potential bottlenecks and delays. In addition, ERP systems can automatically generate delivery schedules based on customer demand and production capacity. ERP manages inventory levels for raw material and ensure that we have enough material for end products to meet our customer demands. As a result, CIMtech is successfully meeting all their delivery targets by leveraging ERP System. ERP has helped in On-Time-Delivery very efficiently which in turn has resulted in Happy & Satisfied Customers of CIMtech. Priority and Monitoring has been streamlined which resulted in better utilization of resources and improved performance.